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Help this little green monster in reaching the end of each level. Avoid deadly obstacles such as cactuses, birds, snakes and scorpios. Don't even ask why she is constantly running.

T-Rex 64 offers 14 action packed levels in 3 distinct worlds, dedicated music, joystick and keyboard support.

This game runs on Commodore 64 and as a single file game works well with real machines and emulators, any CBM disk drive, tape, SD2IEC and Easy Flash. Both PAL and NTSC machines are supported, except for "the very early 64 cycles per raster" NTSC variants. If you have any problems with this particular VIC-II model, please post a comment below and I'll try to fix it.

Pro tip: if you're bored with PAL version, try NTSC - the gameplay is more "interesting" there!

How to play

Jump or duck to avoid obstacles. Any contact is extremely unpleasant and decrements your precious spare life amount.

Title screen options

  • F1 - game control method; joystick port 2 or keyboard.
  • F3 - ingame music or just SFX.
  • F5 - selection of starting level.

Start the game with either FIRE or SPACE key press. Once you lose all your lives, pressing F7 on title screen may be helpful.

Game controls

  • Joystick: UP or FIRE - jump, DOWN - duck.
  • Keyboard: SPACE - jump, Commodore key - duck.

Gameplay tips

  • You can control how high you jump.
  • Sometimes you can either jump over a bird or duck below.
  • Grey bushes in levels 1-3/1-4/1-5 can harm you as well.
  • Collision with animals is pixel exact but with cacti, water or lava not really. Try yourself how far can you challenge it.

Requirements and running the game

You need a Commodore 64 / 128 machine or an appropriate emulator to play the game. We deliver a bundle of PRG and D64 files.

Easiest way to run the game on PC is to use Vice emulator to run PRG executable:

x64 rex.prg

Use D64 image to run T-Rex on real Commodore 64. Copy the file to the USB drive / SD card and use it with Ultimate 1541 or SD2EIC. Once mounted, the game can be loaded simply by:



For a really old-school experience you can also transfer D64 directly into 5.25 floppy disk and run it from 1541.

The game can be also run on Android phone via Frodo C64 emulator.  Detailed instructions can be found in this devlog entry.


Level design, graphics:  Zuza Małecka, Ola Małecka.

Code, music, graphics:  Maciej Małecki.


The authors would like to appreciate:

  • Mads Nielsen for KickAssembler compiler.
  • Subchrist for Charpad Pro and Spritepad Pro software.
  • Cadaver for Goattracker and player routine and for his Rant#4 which inspired me for writing games for Commodore 64.
  • Paul Hocker and co. for Kick Assembler plugin for VSC.
  • Skoe for EasyFlash 3 and USB transfer - this really speeds up testing on real hardware!
  • Michał Taszycki and his 64spec tool to enable testing for tons of library code I wrote for this project.
  • The Commodore community for support and testing: Commodore NTSC Users FB Group, Retroassembler FB Group, C64 Portal, c64scene.pl.
  • Original creators for this nice little game concept from Google Chrome.
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorMaciej Małecki
Tags8-Bit, commodore-128, commodore128, Commodore 64, Retro
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Joystick
LinksBuy physical version, Source code, CI pipeline


trex-1.0.2.zip 42 kB
trex-1.0.2.tgz 42 kB
trex64-1.0.2.sid 2 kB

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Nice game! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 00:32:17. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

very good

Cute game! Here is a playthrough without life loss:

Good job! I’m always loosing 3 or 4 lives. But I was always bad at playing, therefore I code… ;-)

Well, I cheated a little bit with savestates here. I want to make a good video to entertain the viewers. Without this help, it would be a lot more work to create the longplay and it certainly wouldn't be a one life performance either.

Haha! But good job anyway! While watching your vid I noticed a few bugs in backdrops in world 3 as well as ugly jittering due to bad cycling in “new level” screen, that I knew earlier but get used to it. Will be corrected, maybe… ;-)

Quite entertainment game !

Misses the charm of the Google Chrome version and therefore completely misses the mark. Sometimes "better graphics" do not make a better game. Play the original instead of this.

Świetna gierka. Grałem w nią jeszcze w zeszłym roku, jak nie była ukończona. 🙂👍

2nd play - lvl. 1.5:)

Well, it is an hard game. I lose every single time on level 1-3 :(


As the original is ;) I have added a special practice mode (it’s documented in readme). Basically nothing is random here, speed is constant, all can be learned ;) Also notice that NTSC gameplay is a bit faster than PAL.

Fajna gierka :D Życzę dalszego rozwoju w produkcji :) A to mój mały gameplay 

Super. Dzięki.